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My Clients Say

Serving the Capital Region

Client 4

Emily Lawyer, Your Advocate Client

Words cannot express the impact you made on children in such a short amount of time. Your integrity for the work has always been visible. It was clear the children and what was right was always at the forefront of your decisions. Your work is tremendous for the most vunerable.

Client 6

Emily Lawyer, Your Advocate Client

Your passion and commitment to families is powerful. You continue to provide support and guidance in times of need.

Client 5

Emily Lawyer, Your Advocate Client

Thank you for always making the time to have a meeting, take a phone call, or to listen to our concerns. Thank you for making sure our thoughts and concerns were heard at any meeting and that my child was thought of when any decision was being made

Client 3

Emily Lawyer, Your Advocate Client

You have advocated tirelessly for our special needs students.  You have worked hard to get to know each child and to realize what makes them so unique. Thank you for hearing our voices and giving our children a voice.

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