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Endnotes In Coulter The Plagiarist! _HOT_

Be cautious not to confuse Footnote or Endnote citations with the Endnotes that authors use to explain their works, these are not the same things. These types of endnotes are used to add additional commentary, and not to cite specific text in the paper.

Endnotes in Coulter The Plagiarist!

A case in point: Harvard University historian Niall Ferguson and Justice Scalia of the United States Supreme Court have both been criticized for their 'conservative' views. However, neither Ferguson (who may be aided in drafting by his graduate students), nor Scalia (who may receive assistance from law clerks) has been meaningfully criticized for being a plagiarist.

I think the dictionary classifies plagiarism as a literary offense which is the copying of someones work verbatim without credit or attribution as plagiarism. Hence the grammatical importance of such things as quotation marks, footnotes, endnotes and bibliograpy. It is when the idea or literary work begins to take on an economice value that the Law steps in and takes control and as legal history has has shown, a whole body of Intellectual Property Law is developed. Better known as Patent, Trademark, and Copyright. Funny how money complicates the issue.

@Ralph Hickok: Future senator Al Franken has a detailed discussion of the obscenely poor quality of Ann Coulter's research, through an analysis of her endnotes (not footnotes) in his book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them. 350c69d7ab


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