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Public·8 members Email Finder: A Chrome Extension with Email Verifier and Drip Campaigns

You are about to download the Email Finder by 2.3.7 crx file for Chrome v92 and up: Find email addresses on any website. Our Email Finder lets you collect leads and grow sales on the go....

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Email Finder by is a popular Chrome extension by This extension has 422,096 weekly active users, a good user rating of 4.93, and is most similar to Hunter - Email Finder Extension and Email Finder. The latest version, 2.3.8, was updated 3 days ago.

Here, some important features of email finder tools: A bulk email finder: It is the most important feature that finds a lot of emails in bulk which significantly cuts down the time you will spend on this task. An API: This helps you automatically validate email addresses through third-party platforms like Mailchimp, HubSpot, blogger, etc. Hotkey buttons: This makes the process less admin-heavy. It will allow you to send emails or add to email lists without having to click around and copy and paste using hotkeys. Additional information: Some email finding software will provide you with further information about the contact where possible. "}},{"@type":"Question","name":"\ud83d\udcbb What are the Best Email Finding Software?","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"Some best Email Finding Software are:

Hunter is one of the best free email finder tools. In this software, you just need to type in the company domain, and it helps you select what kind of emails you want to fetch. This email locator tool helps you to find all types of public email addresses on your screen.

Growmeorganic is an all-in-one email finder and sales automation platform. It helps you to find unlimited emails of B2B and B2C businesses. It is one of the best email scrapers that simplify the sales process so that you can find qualified leads and convert them into your clients.

UpLead is an easy-to-use lead generation tool. It allows you to browse through 56 million contacts to find leads and filter them using over 50 criteria options. It allows you to download them in bulk. This email finding tool helps you verify the emails in real-time and enrich your data with additional information on your leads.

Aero leads is an email finder tool that helps you to find emails and phone numbers of businesses and people. This email address finder helps you to generate leads in real-time, which are relevant and accurate.

Anymailfinder is a tool that helps you to get qualified leads for your business. It helps you to search millions of web pages, finds addresses, and perform direct server validation. This email finding tool can be used either as a web or an API-based service.

Signalhire is one the best email finder service that offers real-time verified contacts. It also provides recruiters, sales professionals, and marketers with personal & work contacts of prospects. It helps you to find valid emails and phone numbers.

Datanyze is one of the best email finder tools to research accounts in the most efficient way. It allows you to build highly targeted prospect lists and export contacts where they are required in a fraction of time.

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FindThatLead is email finding software that helps you to manage the email address list with ease. It helps you get emails related to URLs. It also helps you with domain search, lead search, and finding new prospects.

Although some tools may offer inaccurate contact information, other tools continuously update their data to offer direct server validation and valid email addresses. Large email finders are capable of bulk domain searches and can automatically validate email addresses and generate as many email lists as needed.

Email finder tools are used for lead generation, recruiting, and even to enrich existing lead or customer information. Advanced tools can also find the email addresses of CEOs, and the right decision-makers, allowing users to qualify leads and circumvent gatekeepers properly.

While individual lookups can be highly effective for finding qualified leads, bulk email lookups allow you to generate all the leads you need to pursue. This is highly valuable in areas where more leads are better.

You can perform individual email lookups or use the database of over 60 million profiles to find emails in bulk. Simply adjust all criteria to fit within your customer persona, selecting the right industry, location, and even technographic information. Then, select the profiles you want to download to generate an email list.

UpLead will validate all the email addresses in real time to ensure every email you get is a valid email address. Once you have your leads, UpLead makes it easy for salespeople to understand them by displaying vibrant user profiles that feature their job titles, social media profiles, and more. We have our own email finder at UpLead.

The platform features a limited free account and accessible pricing tiers. It also features an email verification feature to verify email addresses generated with the platform. Users can then use the platform to program and execute email marketing campaigns, making it convenient for anyone looking for an all-in-one email finder solution.

Voila Norbert is another email lookup tool catering to small and large businesses alike. The platform offers individual and bulk lookups along with a free tier that allows for 50 free searches per account.

The tool can be used to find emails by searching through company and role descriptions. It then validates all email addresses, ensuring all data is verified. The platform also features an API for developers and an extensive Marketplace.

LeadFuze is an email finder tool with a large B2B database. This simple platform allows users to find email addresses and other relevant lead data as they browse online or scrape thousands of LinkedIn leads.

The platform offers basic lead generation capabilities along with its email-finding features. Users can generate lead lists in bulk or use the Chrome extension to generate leads as they browse online.

Skrapp features a large business database that users may use to find business email addresses and relevant lead information. Skrapp comes with a Chrome extension, bulk domain search capabilities, and affordable pricing tiers. features an email finder for users to find leads individually or in bulk. The platform works seamlessly with the rest of the sales automation platform that users can leverage to follow up with their email leads and manage sales processes.

The best email finder is the one that adapts to your needs. You may want to use certain tools to look up a couple of emails, and other tools for bulk domain search and powerful lead generation capabilities.

Saleshandy Connect is a LinkedIn Email Finder that operates through a Chrome extension. This tool provides you with accurate and verified information to secure prospects. This tool is especially beneficial for recruiters, sales representatives, outreach specialists, marketers, etc looking to expand their prospect list with verified email addresses.

ContactOut is a LinkedIn email finder that helps users find and verify email addresses for potential clients or candidates, making it a useful tool for sales and recruitment professionals. It integrates with popular email platforms like Gmail for seamless contact addition.

Apollo has a LinkedIn Prospector that works specifically for finding the email addresses of prospects on LinkedIn. The tool lets you sync the information directly into your CRM software. They provide you with the phone number of the prospect as well (although the accuracy of this might vary).

Adapt Prospecter functions as a chrome extension and aims to help sales professionals and marketers close more deals. The tool works on LinkedIn and websites. The data collected can be directly imported into your CRM software or downloaded as a CSV file to automate email campaigns.

Kloser is a LinkedIn email extractor that unmasks any business professional work email and phone number. The tool enables the sales team to find and engage with prospects all with a click of a button. It operates as a Chrome extension and is extremely simple to use.

Pipileads helps you search for verified email addresses of prospects to build a potential customer list. All emails found by the tool are further verified to ensure all obsolete email addresses are deleted and only live ones are used.

Getprospect is a LinkedIn email finder tool that has CRM features. This tool is often used for prospecting, preparing cold email sequences, lead generation, and looking for job candidates. Getprospect has a robust B2B database, with over 200 million up-to-date contacts.

LeadLeaper helps you discover verified business email addresses on LinkedIn. An email address is never counted twice or duplicated. The tool can be integrated seamlessly into CRM software like Salesforce. One thing that makes this tool unique is its ability to integrate with G Suite and Microsoft Office 365; allowing you to track emails sent to prospects.

SalesQL helps you find the personal and business emails of prospects on LinkedIn (1st, 2nd, and 3rd LinkedIn connections). It is an email scraper tool that provides phone numbers as well. This tool is used by recruiting managers, B2B sales team, and lead generation agencies. With SalesQL all your leads can be managed and segregated from their dashboard itself. The tool integrates with a wide variety of applications include the numerous popular CRM, outreach, and productivity tools.

Lead generation is an important aspect of any outreach campaign. A report compiled by estimates that you can lose around 30% of your sales if emails are sent to the wrong person. Ensuring that you have the correct and verified email address will allow you to close the deal effortlessly without extra effort. This is why email finder tools are extremely important. They help you speed up the process of building up a prospect list; allowing you to focus your attention on other important outreach activities.

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